Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation | Family & Health Support Barkly
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What support services do we offer throughout the Barkly?

Family Support


Available to Kunapa East and Kunapa West members, Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation is here to help with ceremonies and funerals.

When a loved one passes away, we understand how the grieving process can be affected by financial difficulty. That’s why we aim to support our local community and families with financial assistance.

Our funeral support service aids families experiencing loss by contributing to the major associated costs of a funeral service, particularly those organised by Kunapa people outside of their homelands.

Through ceremony support, we assist with costs such as food and fuel. This service is for Kunapa people who can demonstrate their connection through family trees, which needs to be approved by the Directors.

Our services are made possible through the Public Benevolent Institution (PBI). All funerals and ceremonies need the approval of our board of Directors. For more information, please contact Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation.

Health Support


If family members are seeking medical treatment outside the Barkly, please get in touch with Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation.

Health support is given to carers and family members accompanying their family while receiving interstate treatments, or at larger regional centres in Alice Springs and Darwin. Additionally, our health support service is intended for emergency health situations.

Health support is considered depending on each situation, via application. Please note, this funding is only available if unsuccessful through usual government avenues.

Health support services are made possible through the backing of the Public Benevolent Institution (PBI). All health and emergency support needs the Directors’ approval. Learn more by contacting Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation today.