Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation | Aboriginal Education Programs
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Why aboriginal education is our business

Education Programs


Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation recognises the importance of education and an active lifestyle, which includes sporting activities. Education is viewed as a foundation that provides Kunapa people and their descendants with opportunities to develop better living and working environments.

These opportunities will provide improved quality of life to Aboriginal people by:

  • Expanding job opportunities
  • Increasing financial wealth
  • Improving health & wellbeing

Funding is available to East and West Kunapa people, their children and descendants. Where government funding is available, Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation will pay a portion of the costs and other program funding. Parents are to settle the remaining amount.

Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation can provide support for schooling extras, including:

  • School uniforms
  • Travel costs for school holidays & school extras NOT covered by Abstudy or other travel schemes
  • School books & stationery
  • Sporting activities & events for participants
  • Emergency travel during the school year
  • Special education events

Need more information? Call us today. Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation is always available to chat.

Government Housing Repair Maintenance Programs


Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation manages and delivers a variety of municipal and essential services, as well as government housing repair maintenance programs in communities throughout the Barkly.

Some of our offered services include:

  • Community fencing repairs & maintenance
  • Tree planting & landscaping maintenance
  • Tree lopping, grass cutting & weed control
  • Constructing firebreaks around communities

To assist us with landscaping, earthmoving and other housing repair maintenance tasks, Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation has equipment such as a Dingo, tractor and truck, as well as a fleet of vehicles. This equipment is particularly useful in our community development programs.

Government Municipal & Essential Services Program


The goal of the Central Australian Affordable Housing Company (CAAHC) is to provide people of the Barkly and entire Central Australia region with affordable homes that promote healthy communities.

The following points best define the goals and priorities of the CAAHC:

  • Providing responsive housing management services to the town camps
  • Growing the supply of affordable rental housing for low income households
  • Improving the quality & quantity of supported housing for people with complex needs
  • Exploring the potential to improve the management of remote housing

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.