Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation | Find a Job Near Me | Barkly
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Find a job near you!

In order to facilitate a promising future for the community, we aim to assist Kunapa East and West families with employment and training opportunities.


Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation has an extensive network of connections to help community members find employment throughout the Barkly. We currently offer Seed Harvesting Pilot Programs, as well as a Community Garden and Homeland Sustainability courses.


With strong ties to local and surrounding mines, take a step in the right direction by sending through your resume today. We’re here to help you contribute to our local economy and community. This page is also a great platform for members to network with fellow Barkly residents. Send your resume directly to Graeme here.


Please note: This does not mean Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation takes the place of government services or agencies that already provide training and employment services.