Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation | Homeland Development Projects
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Northern Territory development projects

Homeland Developments


Our homeland and surrounding natural environment is extremely important to the Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation. The Kunapa families have long-held cultural and traditional responsibilities to protect their land and ecosystems.

Managing the spiritual and cultural cycles linked to the protection and maintenance of country is of high importance to the Kunapa families; something that will continue into the future.

Current projects and partnerships related to the natural environment are:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of homelands
  • Developing biodiesel infrastructure
  • Alternate housing

See some of our featured homeland development projects below. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Farm Projects


Community Vegie Farm Project at Wogyala Community


Manungurra has began the establishment of a community Vegie Garden for our member community of Wogyala. The Vegie Garden has been supported financially by Manungurra utilising the participants of the Remote Jobs Community Participation Program (RJCP).


Manungurra engaged DICE to provide project management and will soon be ready for harvesting in March/April of 2018. The Project is being established to support the community diet, the community primary school and further into the nearby mine site and local IGA supermarket in Tennant Creek for a “make to take agreement’, therefore ensuring the fam is commercial and sustainable. All social and commercial outcomes will end up being committed to community development of the Wogyala Community in terms of employment, R&M to housing or purchasing of assets.


The Farm began with the dismantling of an old water tank and stand which was unusable. The fencing permitter of the tank and stand became the foundation for the farm to be build upon. The tank and stand was dismantled, weeding and ground clearing was undertaken with plumbing and irrigation being laid. The external structures were being set up with a tent to surround and support the farm. Water and soil fertilising and testing has been carried out.

Solar Installation Projects


Manungurra Solar Project


Solar power allows Aboriginal community to live on country


Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) and the Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation (Manungurra) have worked together to provide two Aboriginal communities in the Barkly with solar power. The solar panels and batteries, supplied and installed by Aboriginal owned business Allgrid Pty Ltd have allowed the communities of Ngurrara and Kurnturlpara to shift to a renewable power source that is 50% cheaper than diesel generators – bringing power costs to an affordable level for families.


This shift has contributed to the Community now being fully occupied – growing from two permanent adults to 30-40 adults and children who are now able to live more independently on their own country. The installation of solar power at Ngurrara and Kurnturlpara has also improved education outcomes now that a School of Air program has been established – providing education for 15 children in an air-conditioned school building.


Employment opportunities have already been generated for the local community through this project with potential for further employment required in relation to light on-going maintenance work. The reliable affordable power source will also open up opportunities to develop and manage country – because there is now a local workforce living nearby – instead of living in Tennant Creek.


The communities have been actively involved in this project – helping to install concrete slabs and assist with unloading the panels and batteries on site and now have plans to develop primary industry/farm on country. Another of the flow on effects has resulted in the Community securing the administration of NTG Office Local Government funding and Remote Jobs & Community Program for our communities. The School of the Air Program has also allowed us to bring in some community employment and economy to the community with such numbers.
This brings money, jobs and activity and less stress on Manungurra bottom line in community development assistance and member donations that includes assistance with education, ceremony, health and funeral matters.


The shift to solar power has the potential to strengthen cultural ties to country and sites plus songs lines and the ability to explore sustainable land use activities that bring jobs, training and an income – building a sustainable economy on homelands. Another important outcome is there is no alcohol or substance abuse on community, therefore no violence for community and children to grow up around.

Manungurra Solar Project
Manungurra Solar Project
Manungurra Solar Project

Commercial Garden Project


Presentation to IGA store Tennant Creek

Check out our Presentation to IGA

Vegie Garden Project

Vegie garden project
Vegie garden project